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From saddle stitching to sewn case, Galt Printing can provide your firm with a wide array of bindings. See examples of some of these below:

• Double Loop Wire Binding
• Perfect Binding
• Plastic Comb Binding

• Sewn Case Binding

• Sewn Soft Cover
• Spiral Binding

• Saddle Stitching


Double Loop Wire Binding

Also known as “Wire-O-Binding”, this binding consists of a series of double wire loops from a continuous pre-formed wire, which are inserted into pages that have been punched with square or round holes. Once inserted, a machines closes the loops.

  • Once the loops are closed, extra pages cannot be added.
  • This form of binding is more expensive than plastic combs or spiral binding, but it is more attractive and long lasting.
  • Pages will lie flat and can be folded over completely.
  • Double loop wire works best for books that have a thickness between 3/16" and 1 1/4".



Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is one of the most commonly used binding methods. Pages are gathered, stacked, and placed in special equipment where the binding edge is covered with glue. A cover is then attached to the book to complete the process.

  • It is used for many types of publications including magazines, catalogs, paperback books, and directories.
  • Perfect binding provides a professional appearance at a low cost.
  • Works best for publications between 48 pages and 1,300 pages long.



Plastic Comb Binding

This form of binding is widely used for schools, businesses and home use. The system involves punching rectangular holes into pages, which are then slid over the fingers of a plastic comb.

  • The plastic combs are durable and come in a variety of colors.
  • Printing materials will lay flat for easy reading.
  • This binding can be used for anything that has a thickness between 3/16" and 2".



Sewn Case Binding

Also known as "edition binding", this form of binding is used for hard cover books. First, the sheets of the book are sewn stitched together, after which they are glued and attached to a hard cover.

  • It is one of the most expensive binding methods, but is very durable.
  • It can be used for any book thickness, but the most common thicknesses range from 1/4" to 3".



Sewn Soft Cover

This is a binding method commonly used for soft cover books, catalogues and magazines. The pages are attached to paperback or soft covers with the use of strong thread, which is sewn through the pages and cover.

  • This binding method is often preferred for technical manuals and textbooks, which may be handled often by a number of people.
  • It is more durable than perfect binding or wire binding where the overuse of a book may cause the binding to fail at a faster rate.



Spiral Binder

This binding consists of a continuous wire, which is coiled through evenly spaced holes that have been punched into the pages of a book. This is a very durable form of binding (crush resistant) and is a good choice for training manuals, cookbooks, notebooks, and calendars.

  • The spiral wire can be made of metal, plastic, or plastic coated metal and is available in a variety of colors.
  • When open, the pages lie flat.
  • This type of binding can be used for anything between 1/8" and 1-1/16".



Saddle Stitching

This form of binding is most commonly used with newsletters, brochures, bulletins and catalogs. Sheets of four pages are stacked with other sheets in the correct page order and then stapled along the fold line or spine.

  • Form of binding used for page counts of 128 pages or less.
  • There are two options for covers (i) Standard Cover; the paper weight of the cover is thicker than the pages inside, and the inside cover is often unprinted, (ii) Self Cover; the paper used for the cover is the same as the inside pages, and the inside cover is often printed.